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Pierre Blackwell
Tour Bracket
Bill Williams
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Douglas Smith
Saturday Champions  - November 17, 2018 Kempsville GC
Week Champions Bracket Tour Bracket Challenge Bracket
Week Champions Bracket Tour Bracket Challenge Bracket
1 Jack Barrett George Walker Keith Edwards
2 Jesse Boone Sharon Hunt James Simmons
3 Mike Dorsey Pierre Blackwell No Participant
4 Mike Coffey Robert Perry Clarence Jackson
5 Steve Davis Andre Broaddus George Walker
6 Rain-Out Rain-Out Rain-Out
7 Jack Barrett J.R. Locke James Simmons
8 Steve Davis Sharon Hunt Clarence Jackson
9 Tony Rutland Joe Allen James Simmons
10 Tony Rutland Joe Allen Keith Edwards
11 Mark Robbins Andre Broaddus Douglas Smith
12 Mark Robbins Dave Hunt Clarence Jackson
13 Tony Rutland Sharon Hunt William Washington
14 Steve Davis J.C. Counce Jonathon Foster
15 Mike Coffey Andre Broaddus James Simmons
16 Mike Coffey Mo Morris Clarence Jackson
17 Mike Dorsey Pierre Blackwell Heerey Gaston
18 Tony Rutland Andre Broaddus Jonathon Foster
19 Rain-Out Rain-Out Rain-Out
20 Mike Dorsey Andre Broaddus AJ Brown
21 Dennis Nelson Pierre Blackwell AJ Brown
22 Canceled Canceled Canceled
23 No Participant Sharon Hunt George Walker
24 Tony Rutland Pierre Blackwell Douglas Smith
25 Jesse Boone Bill Williams George Walker
26 Mike Dorsey Dave Chapman George Walker
27 Mike Dorsey Charlie Malcolm George Walker
28 Mike Coffey Andre Broaddus No Participant
29 Octoberfest Octoberfest Octoberfest
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Weekly Winners at a Glance

E-D Tour Player of The Month
It has always been said that the cream always rises to the top! Well in the month of November the E-D Tour has a new winner for player of the month. On behalf of the E-D Tour Board of Directors and its Members, I would like to congratulate E-D Tour member Douglas Smith with a sizzling performance during the month of November. Douglas won twice during the month of November with a  2nd place finish capping off a great month for the E-D Tour.  Doug’s victories included the following: Back to back First place wins at Kiln Creek and Kempsville GC’s and a 2nd place at Heron Ridge. With these finishes Douglas Smith becomes our  Player of the Month of November.

Andrew Brown, better known as “AJ” was
born in Fort Huachuca,
AZ the eldest of 5. As a
U.S. Army brat AJ grew
up in many places, in
1973 the family finally
settled down in Winter
Haven, FL the Chain of
Lakes city just 30
minutes from Disney
World. AJ graduated
from Winter Haven Senior High School in
1979, soon after enlisted in the U.S. Army
for four years with deployment to Grenada
in 1983. AJ left the army to pursue other
interest, only to find out his calling was in
the military. In 1985 AJ enlisted in the U.S.
Navy, during his 18-year portion of his
military career AJ deployed to Panama in
1989 as a naval combat cameraman. AJ
retired in 2003 after 22 years, he currently
works at Fort Eustis as a public affairs
specialist. AJ has been married for 33 years
with 4 adult children. He started playing
golf in 1987 and has been addicted ever
E-D Golf Tour Player Spotlight
Douglas Smith
Player of the Month November 2018
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