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Saturday Champions  - September 28, 2019 Golden Horseshoe Green GC
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Mo Morris
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Dennis Brickhouse
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E-D Tour Player of The Month
George "Tre" Walker
Player of the Month July 2019
It has always been said that the cream always rises to the top! Well in the month of July the E-D Tour has a repeat winner for player of the month. On behalf of the E-D Tour Board of Directors and its Members, I would like to congratulate E-D Tour member George "Tre" Walker with a sizzling performance during the month of July. George won twice during the month of July with a  2nd  place finish capping off a great month for the E-D Tour.  George's victories included the following: First place wins at Kiln Creek and Scotch Hall Preserve which was a Major win and a 2nd place at Chesapeake Golf Club . With these finishes George Walker becomes our  Player of the Month of July.

E-D Golf Tour Player Spotlight
Born in Norfolk, Virginia George C. Williams graduated
from Booker T. Washington High in 1961. After High
School George enlisted in the US
Army reaching the grade of
Specialist 4th class from (1966 -
1968), while in the Army George
served in Germany and played
brigade level baseball (left field) in
8th Division for Command Saints.
While playing baseball his team
won the European Championship
in 1967. George continued his
education at Norfolk State College (University) and
Majored in Business from (1970 - 1973) after which he
worked for the FBI where he handled record keeping
and adherence to Federal Guidelines audit which
turned out perfectly. George has volunteered with the
South East Junior Golf Association, Fatherhood
Program of Portsmouth, Commonwealth Golf
Association President along with many other
community services. George is married to wife Kay
Williams and is soon approaching there 30th
anniversity, he has five girls, Kimberly, Kelley, Terri,
Kelly and Jasmine along with grandfathering 4 children.
E-D Golf Tour of Hampton Roads
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Norfolk, Va. 23513
(757) 580-2722
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